How to remove Shortcut virus using cmd

 How to remove Shortcut virus using cmd?

These Shortcut viruses are those which converts all your data inside your pen drive or Hard disk to shortcuts, and which are recoverable.

Just follow the below given steps to remove shortcut virus from pen drive and recover back your files.


Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.

Go to your pen drive directory.

Type this command: del *.lnk and press Enter.

Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.*

Then press a gentle Enter.

2. How to remove empty Folder virus using cmd ?

Got some Files in your pen drive but they are empty! Because of the virus in your pendrive malfunctions your drive. How to remove this empty folder virus and recover files? Follow the steps given below.


Start -> Run -> cmd.

Type this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:*.*

Here the letter “x” should be replaced with the drive alphabet of your pendrive that you have inserted into the computer.

If your pendrive shows the drive alphabet as “J”, then type this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d j:*.*

And then press a gentle Enter.

3. How to remove autorun virus from Hard disk using

command prompt?

Steps :

Press ( Start or winkey ) -> Run -> cmd.

If you are at the root directory ( C drive ) then do the following, else give cd.. and come to the root C:> and do the following.

Type in ( attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf ), without brackets and press Enter.

Type ( del autorun.inf ), without brackets and press Enter.

Follow this for all other drives.

Android Into Wireless mouse PAD

Just turn your android into wireless mouse pad….yes…

1. You need to download mouse server for your pc/laptop…


Click here for Windows ~

Click here for Mac OS~

Click here for linux/ubuntu~

2. After install it you need to install server in your android

Click here to download for android: – (Play Store)

3. After install on both simply run server on desktop… It will show you IP Address..

4. Go to android and start wifi than run wifi mouse..

5. After it put thats IP address all done.

6. Now your mobile is turned into wireless mouse no need to buy new wireless mouse.

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